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YOL sophomore year Once

Karina Leon, Jennifer Hernandez, and Yesenia Vargas

July 7, 2016

What was your favorite slang word sophomore year? Favorite dance? Many trends caught on in 2013/2014. For example swag, OOTD, and Twerk were used a lot. Not only did people use the word twerk a lot, but everyone was also twerking. There were also big trends like s...

Senior discussion of the best and worst movies of Junior Year

Alan Sanchez, Monse Sanchez, and Ramon Aragon

July 7, 2016

Morton East High School seniors reminisce on popular movies during their junior year. With only 3 days left of senior year, it's nice to take a moment and remember the best and worst movies of our junior year. Not only should we remember the pop...

So, just how fashionable were we?

Becky Martinez, Cristian Garcia, and Flor Diaz

July 7, 2016

Basic or trending? Obviously trending! Every year new trends and popular fashion trends are coming out. We are living in the future where society always has something going on that is new, stylish and trendy. We all wear it sometimes,...

Seniors will take a “field of sports memories” with them

Denise Loeza, Abigal Carerra, Erik Rosas, and Erick Vargas Barrios

July 7, 2016

Morton East’s field sports have had many memorable moments during senior year. During senior year, many of the guys involved in sports have shared many great memories that they nor the students would ever forget. It’s been...

Prom 2K16 ended up being “worth it”

Jesica Castillo, Jessica Ramos, and Norma Cereceres

July 7, 2016

Throughout the four years of high school in senior year the 95% rule was implied, but even though the rule was implied students managed to pull off their own prom. The 95% rule was applied so students would attend school...

Action movies topped senior year

Bryan Ramirez, Julio Sandoval, and Ayman Atra

July 7, 2016

From August of 2015 to May of 2016, most movies have been incredible -- at least students think. From Star wars 7 to Captain America Civil War, they were movie have been everything fans have wanted… maybe not Batman V Superman...

Most Popular Celebrities

Giselle Zamora and Janet Hernandez

July 7, 2016

It looks like here in Morton East many students have different opinions on who their favorite celebrity is. Celebrities have become part of our everyday lives turning up in the news all the time for the things that they do....

Career Profile: I want to be an Engineer

Raymond N. Rivera

July 7, 2016

  WHO can do this? People who have a creative mind and like creating something out of nothing WHAT does it take? Physics, calculus, engineering (the class) WHERE can you get it? IIT, Northwestern, U of I WHEN can ...

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