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Graduate memories: top songs of junior year

Jonathan Quezada, Guadalupe Herrera, and Jesus Ramirez

May 30, 2016

Music has been around for centuries. It has become part of the human culture to listen to music as a way to express emotions and escape from the real world. Music comes in many different genres and is used for different purposes....

Career profile: I want to be a psychologist

Allysha Casimiro

May 25, 2016

As a Psychologist, you assess client's psychological needs, provide treatment through individual counseling, group therapy or other techniques. Psychologist are also required to take notes and maintain records and files. Some even co...

Morton East staff

Morton East staff

May 25, 2016

Career Profile: La senorita Borjon reconocida como maestra de impacto

Samantha Huizar, Erika Flores, and Adriana Tamariz

May 9, 2016

Este pasado 22 de Marzo, se le dio reconocimiento a la señorita Borjon, la maestra líder del departamento de español y club folklórico de Morton East, como Maestra de Impacto. El reconocimiento de Maestra de Impacto es una...

Career Profile: So, you want to teach elementary school?

Liliana Gamboa and Anayeli Flores

May 9, 2016

Do you enjoy being around kids? Teaching the education they need? This career might be perfect for you! Being a teacher comes with many responsibilities, such as making lesson plans, making sure the kids are advancing, having...

Career profile: I want to be a detective

Diego Guzman

May 9, 2016

Detectives investigate and solve crimes of all types. They gather information of a crime by collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses and suspects, and sometimes even going undercover. They may also testify in court. Some specialize...

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