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Fight Of The Year : Alvarez vs Cotto

Bryan Ramirez, Reporter

December 10, 2015

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True boxing fans were waiting for this ''Fight of the Year'' between two of the biggest stars in the sport today : Canelo Alvarez versus Miguel Cotto. WBC Middleweight World Champion Miguel Cotto and Former Two-Time World...

Water found on mars, but do you know how much ?

Bryan Ramirez, Jovanny Benitez, and Samuel Gallegos

December 10, 2015

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On September 28, it was revealed that there was evidence of flowing water on Mars -- but most students here erroneously believe that there are now puddles and lakes on Mars. Researchers detected signatures of hydrated minerals...

Shopping online during the holidays?

Karen Buendia and Griselda Perez

December 10, 2015

Filed under Opinion

Morton teens still shop the old fashioned way. It’s the time of the year when we traditionally hit the shops in search of the perfect Christmas gift, but this festive season it seems most of us will be buying presents on...

What do you know about sleep paralysis?

Roberto Aceves, Jackie Lopez, and Denise Loeza

December 10, 2015

Filed under News, Student Life

Out of 100 students surveyed, about half claimed to experience sleep paralysis. According to "sleep education" this strange occurrence happens to many people -- approximately 3.5 million cases per year . Normally your brain c...

Should Morton consider a JROTC program?

Antonio brito and Isaiah Galarza

December 10, 2015

Filed under Community, Student Life

More than half of Morton East Students think that JROTC should be an alternative to gym.  The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a federal program sponsored by the United States Armed Forces in high schools across the ...

Lunch ladies deserve our recognition

Karina Leon and Jennifer Hernandez

December 10, 2015

Filed under Community

Lunch ladies work hard to prepare all the meals daily for students, but their hard work is not recognized enough. Lunch ladies are a big part of school. They come early in the morning (during the times of 6:30AM and 8:30)...

Night school now at East

Night school now at East

December 10, 2015

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