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Talented student DJs at East stand out

Fabiola Avitia and Bianey Lopez

February 26, 2014

Morton East is home to talented students that are trying to make a name for themselves, DJ JFade and DJ Zee are two particular DJ’s that have managed to stand out. The path towards following their dreams has not been easy,...

Profile: Sound Head Michelle Rice makes Chodl events run smoothly

Giovanni Rojas, Reporter

February 26, 2014

Morton East High School is home to a lot of theatre performances, various assemblies, speeches from important figures to the school and many more different events. Making all of these events possible is a team of students who...

Profile: Junior Erik Ortiz is first boy in poms

Diego Sanchez, Ithzel Hernandez, and Oscar Maldonado

February 26, 2014

We’re all pumped for the Morton Poms; they have been practicing the new routine for days. They all come out and at first you don’t know it, “There’s a guy on the team “? YES in fact the first ever in Morton history!!...

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